Christopher Maes I.O.

Member of Ostéopathie Québec.
Passionate about health, manual therapy and wanting to be able to help his patients towards a better life, Christopher decided to complete his studies in the field of osteopathy. He graduated from the College of Osteopathic of Montreal and followed postgraduate training courses in pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics and sports injuries.

His comprehensive approach of the body and the person is translated into personalized treatments and advice based on the unique needs of each patient. His practice is for people of all ages and all physical conditions. The goal is not only to help people feel better, but also to help them understand the cause of the problem. This allows them to equip themselves to prevent the return of their symptoms.

Élizabeth Dufour I.O.

Elizabeth Dufour is passionate about people and helping them. It's what drove her to chose osteopathy after ending a successful career in the business world. Elizabeth graduated from College of Osteopathic Studies of Montreal. She completed postgraduate training in obstetrics, pediatrics, chronic pain, geriatrics and the treatment of concussions. Given our modern and often stressful lifestyle, she is also particularly interested in stress and its role in chronic pain. Passionate, empathetic and caring, Elizabeth's holistic approach translates into personalized treatments and recommendations. Her practice is for patients of all age and all conditions. Her goal is not only to help patients, but to enable them to help themselves.